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Gutter styles available for installation in the Portland/Vancouver metro area

Providing Gutter Services throughout the Portland metro area.

As a professional gutter installation company in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA, Great Northwest Gutters manufactures continuous, seamless gutters on location to exact lengths. Available in Steel, Aluminum, or Copper, our gutters are produced at the jobsite to your specifications. With 7 different styles and a variety of colors* to choose from, we can accommodate all of your gutter needs.

Great Northwest Gutters uses high quality materials on all of our jobs. Standard thicknesses on our gutter materials are 26 gauge for steel, 24 gauge for aluminum, and 16 oz. copper. We have always guaranteed our quality of materials and workmanship. We want to provide the best service and highest quality of work we can. We strive to be not just better gutter installers, but a better gutter company, and we feel that is what sets us apart.

For more information about our gutter installation services, gutter accessories, and gutter guards, please contact us at 503-925-1035 today!

*At this time, 8" K gutters and Half Round gutters have limited color availability. Please inquire with a Great NW Gutters representative for more information.

Residential Gutter Styles:

6" Fascia Style
Gutter Installation Companies | Vancouver, WA & Sherwood, OR | Great NW | 6 inch fascia style gutter

6" K Style
Gutter Installation Companies | Vancouver, WA & Sherwood, OR | Great NW | 6 inch K style gutter

5" K Style
Gutter Installation Companies | Vancouver, WA & Sherwood, OR | Great NW | 5 inch K style Gutter

4" K Style

5" Half Round Style

6" Half Round Style

Here are pictures of the half round hangers we use:
(click to enlarge)

Combo Bracket
Combo Bracket
Combo Bracket on white gutter
Combo Bracket on copper gutter
Hanger Strap
Hanger Strap on gutter

Commercial Gutter Styles:

6" K Style

8" K Style

Commercial Leader Boxes:
(also known as Scuppers, Conductor Boxes, Collector Boxes)

Regular Leader Box

Large Leader Box

Extra Large Leader Box

Downspout Styles:

2x3 Flat Style

2x4" Flat Style

3x4" Flat Style

4x5" Flat Style

2x3" Corrugated Style

3x4" Corrugated Style

4x5" Corrugated Style

2" Round Style

3" Round Style

4" Round Style

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Great Northwest Gutters
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